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  • Do More for Yourself Than Just Getting a Job - Make it Work for You
    by Sherri Edwards - April 3, 2019
    Getting a job may seem like an immediate solution to financial issues, but it is really just half the battle. Keeping it and getting what you want out of it are entirely different issues. For that reason, I recommend having clear goals and making sure that any decisions you make are thought through and are consistent with those goals. The point is to develop a path that leads to a satisfying life and continued employment fo...
  • Portfolio Careers Can Satisfy Your Different Needs
    by Sherri Edwards - March 27, 2019
    Who said one career choice or any singular job is supposed to fill all of your needs? That notion is a thing of the past, yet it is a consistent expectation voiced by people who are unsatisfied with their work. If you have multiple talents and interests, it’s simply unreasonable to assume any one employer or job is going to satisfy your every need. In today’s market, having that expectation can set you up for di...
  • Common Job Search Mistakes
    by Carole Kanchier - March 25, 2019
    Andy was disappointed to learn he didn’t get the position he wanted. Have you ever been passed over for a desired job? Do you know why? Applicants don’t get jobs because they lack required job skills. Poor people chemistry, partisan politics and certain interview behaviors are other reasons. Do you demonstrate behaviors that 'turn off' employers? Do you make any of the following mistakes during job interviews...
  • Come Together: Tips About LinkedIn Groups
    by Paul Freiberger - March 21, 2019
    Profiles and connections are what most of us know best about LinkedIn. But there’s a third feature I recommend paying attention to: LinkedIn Groups. Groups are almost a parallel universe within LinkedIn. They can open doors completely outside the structure of first- and second-degree connections. There are regulars and occasional visitors, valued contributors and people who are largely ignored, people whose post...
  • Interview Disasters (and How to Handle Them)
    with Jim Webber and Tim Muma - March 20, 2019
    If you talk with enough people, you're bound to come across some very interesting scenarios. Jim Webber conducted thousands of job interviews throughout his career as a human resources manager, and he joins Tim Muma to share some of the more disastrous conversations. These anecdotes aren't only meant to entertain and frighten, but to give the listeners an understanding of what NOT to do in an interview. Jim also shares his...
  • Interview Quick Hits
    with Barry Drexler and Tim Muma - March 12, 2019
    The job interview remains the best opportunity to truly sell yourself as a person and a professional to land a new job. There are a number components to the interview that runs the gamut from preparation and body language to questions for the employer and following up. Barry Drexler, the Expert Interview Coach, tackles a number of terms associated with the interview and gives Tim Muma an idea of how each of these impact you...
  • Creating Job Opportunites in College
    with Sarah Kikkert and Tim Muma - March 9, 2019
    One of the best ways to learn is to get first-hand accounts from the individuals who have recently lived through the exact scenario you're currently in. With that, Tim Muma is joined by Sarah Kikkert, the communications and social media coordinator for the Wisconsin State Fair. Sarah hasn't been out of college for long, but she took every opportunity to work, learn and network while she was in school. Sarah describes the ke...
  • Attract Employers Through Networking, Expertise
    with Debra Feldman and Tim Muma - March 7, 2019
    Effective networking doesn't come from simply chatting up as many people as you can to tell them how great you are or what type of job you're seeking. Executive talent agent Debra Feldman stresses the need to attract others to recognize your skills, experience, and expertise. She tells Tim Muma that who you speak to and how you grab their attention matters as much as anything else when on the hunt for a new job or career.
  • Are You Limiting Your Options By Geography?
    by Debra Wheatman - February 28, 2019
    No one enjoys a daily commute to a job. If you’re in your car, you’re probably sitting in traffic, wasting time that could be otherwise spent on something productive. If you take public transportation, you are at the mercy of their timetables, the delays, and schedule changes, as well as having to share your space with hundreds of other people. So it’s not surprising that when people decide to make a caree...
  • Where Are You in the Career and Life Cycles?
    by Carole Kanchier - February 25, 2019
    Do you feel restless? Are you wondering what to do with your life? My research on occupational change, described in Questers Dare to Change Your Job and Life, suggests growing adults experience cycles of discontent every five to ten years with the average cycle occurring every 7.5 years. https://www.amazon.com/Questers-Dare-Change-Your-Life/dp/1508408963 Although we all have our own rhythms of change, we generally pr...